AnnaLynne McCord with her BlackBerry on leaving the set of 90210

Olivia Wilde playing on her iPhone while on a break on the set of Longest Week which is being filmed in New York City.  

a homeless person takes a picture of Kim Kardashian on his Mortorla phone.  Kim Kardashian was serving Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless at the LA Mission.



Sarah Michelle Gellar was in LA walking from the Gym with her iPhone 4s

Eva Longoria crossing the street while talking on her BlackBerry.

Lauren Conrad taking a picture of herself with her BlackBerry 9900 Bold.



Oksana Lysenko love taking pictures of herself with her iPhone 4.

As you can see in the pictures Oksana Lysenko dressed up as wonder woman for Halloween.

Jessica Alba was at the Pumpink Patch in LA with her kids Honor and Haven.  She was taking pictures of her kids with her iPhone 4s.  Jessica Alba has been an BlackBerry user but now has switched to the iPhone 4S.

Kim Kardashian was in New York City going to a metting on 5th Ave. While getting out of her SUV she was talking on her BlackBerry.  Kim Kardashian now uses the BlackBerry 9900.

Selena Gomez was talking on her iPhone coming out of a hair salon in Vancouver BC getting ready for her concert at Rogers Arena.

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