Paulina Gretzky taking a picture of her self with her iPhone 5 in her hotel room.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West take photos with  there iPhone 5's of the crowds outside there hotel in Brazil.

Ranbir Kapoor the bollywood heartthrob who use an iPhone uptill a few days ago now is a offical spokesman for BlackBerry India.  Ranbir now uses a BlackBerry Z10.

A pregnant Kim Kardashian taking pictures of her baby bump with her iPhone 5.

Pink coming from the gym was using her iPhone 4s which had a pink cover on it.

Lexi Diamond loves taking pictures of herself & her body with her iPhone 4s. 

Kim Kardashian was a blackberry user but now Kim is using a iPhone 4s.  

Realty TV Star Lilly Ghalichi loves taking pictures of herself with her iphone 5.

Vanessa Hudgens and her sister Stella Hudgens pictured above while walking to a park near Wilacre Park in Studio City. Vanessa now is using an iPhone 5. 

supermodel Oksana Lysenko now uses the iPhone 5, as you may know Oksana loves taking pictures of herself so now using the iPhone 5 we are sure Oksana will be taking more pictures of herself.

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