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Ranbir Kapoor now a spokesman for BlackBerry India.

Ranbir Kapoor the bollywood heartthrob who use an iPhone uptill a few days ago now is a offical spokesman for BlackBerry India.  Ranbir now uses a BlackBerry Z10.

Ben Affleck with his BlackBerry getting gas

Ben Affleck was getting gas for his Lexus while holding his BlackBerry. 

Katrina Kaif the new spokesperson for BlackBerry

Katrina Kaif is the new spokesperson for BlackBerry India.  She was in New Delhi yesterday launching the new BlackBerry Curve 9220 smartphone.

Kim Kardashian with her BlackBerry heading to the GYM

Kim Kardashian the most famous BlackBerry Celebrities in the world was heading to the gym with her BlackBerry in Sherman Oaks, CA

Kim Lee taking pictures of herself with her BlackBerry

supermodel Kim Lee loves taking pictures of herself with her BlackBerry.

AnnaLynne McCord with her BlackBerry

AnnaLynne McCord with her BlackBerry on leaving the set of 90210

Eva Longoria crossing the street talking on her BlackBerry

Eva Longoria crossing the street while talking on her BlackBerry.

Lauren Conrad taking pictures of herself with her BlackBerry

Lauren Conrad taking a picture of herself with her BlackBerry 9900 Bold.



Kim Kardashian on her BlackBerry in NYC

Kim Kardashian was in New York City going to a metting on 5th Ave. While getting out of her SUV she was talking on her BlackBerry.  Kim Kardashian now uses the BlackBerry 9900.

Kristin Cavallari at LAX on her BlackBerry

Kristin Cavallari arrived at LAX Airport, while at the airport Kristin was on her BlackBerry the whole time.

Leonardo DiCaprio talking on his BlackBerry

Leonardo DiCaprio was talking on his BlackBerry while he walking with his freinds in France.

Gisele Bundchen with her BlackBerry

Gisele Bundchen  was walking to her workout while texting on her BlackBerry.

Rihanna using her BlackBerry on her Yacht

Rihanna who's wearing a Bob Marley t-shirt was talking on her BlackBerry while on her Yacht in Saint Tropez.

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