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Paris Hilton now using a white iPhone 4

Paris Hilton is now using an white iPhone 4.  Untill recently Paris was using a white BlackBerry 9800 Torch.  She was at LAX yesterday coming from Miami, FL.   

Paris Hilton talking on her BlackBerry with Chihuahua

Paris Hilton was at her house in Malibu beach talking on her White BlackBerry 9800.  She was holding one her several chihuahuas while talking on her BlackBerry.

Paris Hilton talking on her BlackBerry

Paris Hilton arrived at LAX Airport as soon as she arrived from Miami, FL she was on her BlackBerry talking & texting.

Paris Hilton & Cy Waits get attacked by a Stalker - with her BlackBerry in hand.

Paris Hilton with her boyfriend Cy Waits was walking in to the Van Nuys Courthouse with her BlackBerry, while walking Cy Waits was attacked by a stalker who said he wanted to marry Paris.

Paris Hilton with her White BlackBerry Torch

Paris Hilton was walking around with her BlackBerry in West Hollywood. 

Paris Hilton talking on her BlackBerry Torch at the Airport

Paris Hilton was at JFK taking a fligh to LAX.  The whole time Paris was at the airport she was on her BlackBerry probably talking to her new boyfriend Cy Waits.

Paris Hilton with her Blackberry Torch

Paris Hilton with her White BlackBerry Torch & her Boyfriend Cy Waits were leaving Nobu Japanese restaurant in New York City.

Paris Hilton goes back to using a BlackBerry 9800

Paris Hilton has now gone back to the BlackBerry 9800 for a few days she was using an Iphone 4.  Paris was with her new boyfriend Cy Waits at LAX about to board a flight to New York.

Paris Hilton now using an Iphone 4

Paris Hilton was using an Iphone 4 while at lunch at her mom's birthday lunch party at Cielo Restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA.  For the past few months Paris has been using an white BlackBerry 9800.

Paris Hilton with her BlackBerry 9800 leaving a Restaurant

Paris Hilton and her 9800 White BlackBerry was leaving Frida Mexican Restaurant with her sister Nicky Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA

Paris Hilton at Madeo restaurant with her white 9800 BlackBerry

Paris Hilton & her new boyfriend Cy Waits who both have white 9800 BlackBerry's were arriving at Madeo restaurant in LA. The whole Hilton family was at the restaurant, her parents Kathy Hilton, Richard Hilton & sister Nicky Hilton.

Paris Hilton with an Iphone 4 ?

No Paris Hilton did not start using an Apple Iphone she was just promoting her new Iphone App on the Extra show with Mario Lopez at the Grove in Los Angeles. 

Paris Hilton with her 9800 White BlackBerry

Paris Hilton and her new boyfriend Cy Waits arrive at Playhouse nightclub in Hollywood, Ca,  Paris also had her white 9800 BlackBerry with her. 

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